Taxation Planning

Taxation Planning

At Canada ETS Group, we provide friendly, helpful assistance with all your tax preparation and compliance needs. Our services are confidential, affordable, and in compliance with the Canadian Income Tax Act and all applicable laws and regulations. We prepare and file all Canadian tax returns and related tax filings. Corporate, individual, estate and trust- we have the professional knowledge in both the U.S. and Canadian tax areas to minimize liabilities and maximize refunds.

Canadian tax law is complex and continuously changing. Expert advice on the complete spectrum of tax concerns relevant to a proposed business structure, transaction, or investment is essential. We advise businesses to help them ensure they are structured in a tax efficient manner, as well as analyze the tax implications of business decisions, and select the best possible structure for proposed transactions and investments. A small sampling of tax planning areas where we regularly assist our clients:

  • decisions about incorporating your business
  • setting up a Family Trust or Holding Company
  • advice on paying yourself salary vs. dividends
  • advice on maximizing the tax benefits of shareholder loans

At  Canada ETS Group, we serve a variety of individuals from self-employed, commissioned salespersons, sole proprietors, business partnership, and estates and trusts. We pride ourselves on our diverse customer base and have designed our personal tax services to ensure that the needs of each of our clients are met. We also prepare your statement of rental income, calculate capital gains/losses on your investment portfolio, and prepare allowable business investment losses (ABILs) calculations.


Taxation Services for Business Client GST/HST Return
  • We help you to file GST/HST return, and assist you in getting maximum refund from the Government.


Payroll Services
  • We do the payroll calculations and help to you to file the payroll deductions returns.


Corporation Tax Returns & Tax Planning
  • We file T2 Corporate Tax Returns using internet filing.
  • We help our clients using various tax strategies to do tax planning, lowering their tax liabilities legitimately.


  Taxation Services for Personal Client Personal T1 Tax Return with E-Filing
  • The tax specialist will prepare your tax return accurately and on time at competitive prices.  We can e-file your return directly to the Canada Revenue Agency through internet and get your tax refund quickly.


Personal Tax Returns for Foreign Students
  • We also do personal tax returns for foreign students.


Other Tax Services for Non-Residents
  • We apply Section 116 Certificate for Non-Residents if you are involved in selling properties in Canada.  Also, we help International Students to file tax returns to get refund.